Bicycle Wheel

The Future
- or - Bicycle Lanes,
Self Driving Cars, Global Warming,
and, the End of Civilization ...!

Bicycle Lanes and Traffic Rules will become a problem of the Past
when self driving vehicles take over our streets.

With the exception of Emergency
and delivery vehicles,
alternating streets need to be
bicycle and pedestrian only.

Self Driving vehicles will make the largest socio-economic changes the world has seen since the invention of the self binding harvester. Cars will become more expensive as fewer of them will be destroyed in collisions, fewer people will own them, More people will take public transit, they won't need dangerous, exploding, air-bags.

Every city and municipal transit system needs to be FREE.
- Traffic jams will become a thing of the past. Air quality will improve.
- No more Impaired Driving
- Thousands of lives will be saved each year due to the absence of collisions.
- Today's new young drivers are members of the last generation of people who will be allowed to get a general drivers licence. Insurance underwriters will compare the risk factor differences between a self-driving vehicle and a human driver, and the human will lose.

- Millions of people will be out of work.
- No more Taxi Drivers
- No more Truck Drivers
- No more Interstate Truck Stops
- No more Insurance Agents
- No more Collision Repair Shops
- No more Speeding Tickets
- No more Traffic Cops
- No more Traffic Court
- No more Personal Injury Lawyers