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to learn what you should know
about electric assist bicycles.

Duo Series eBikes
Range Anxiety
160+ kms
on a charge

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Freedom is riding your own e-Bike

It's a Hill ... Get Over It

Get a Brake When You Purchase An E-Bike

It's worth the ride to Gabriola
The e-Bike Capital of Canada



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"Freedom is ...
the image of a child riding a bicycle,
down a tranquil country lane,
with a gentle breeze blowing in the meadow,
and the sun on their face."

Freedom is riding
your own Electric Bike.

It's worth the ride
to Gabriola Island,
The Electric Bicycle
Capital of Canada

e-Bikes Are

Scrap your car and save $1050.


We now have a LIVE Weather Station here at CyQle on Gabriola Island
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If you are having problems
with hips, lower-back,
shoulders, neck-strain
and carpal-tunnel issues,
We specialize in a variety of
Comfort Solutions
to help keep you riding.

ALSO, consider the
Environmental Benefits
of riding your e-Bike.

Avoid Getting Spaghettified
by Falling into The Black Hole
of a Sedimentary Lifestyle


Energize Your e-Bike
CyQle Your ASS Off

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We have serviced and repaired dozens of electric assist bicycles
and e-scooters including
Biktrix, Motorino, Pedego, Volt,
Luxor, iZip, Giant, Kona, Haro,
Specialized, Bafang, BionX,
Razor, Schwinn, Grin,
... and the list continues to grow.

People have brought
their e-bikes to us to be repaired
from all over Vancouver Island.

Almost every electric bicycle
that has come here broken,
has left here working.

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Bike Maintenance 101

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Keep your bike on the road
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and regular maintenance


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When I'm working in the shop
I listen to David Marsden's

Come to on Gabriola Island for
Tune-Ups and Repairs
including repairs to electric bikes
and on Gabriola Island has all your
bicycle comfort needs
including memory foam seats,
retro bicycle accessories,
custom LED lighting and
electric bicycle conversions.

Located at the corner of Taylor Bay Rd and Armson Rd, we are a short ferry ride from the Port City of Nanaimo and only a few minutes from the ferry terminal.

We sell refurbished bicycles and can re-fit your existing bike with comfort accessories.
We can service nearly any electric bicycle regardless of make or model.
Check out our E-Bike Repair Blog

If you ride at night, we sell
- NiteRider, USB rechargable Head-Lights & Tail-Lights
Monkey Lights


Thanks to Traz for Re-Designing
our Logo Images.
Traz is one of the absolutely amazing technical talents
found here on Gabriola Island.
You can find Traz's WebSite HERE

Nanaimo and Gabriola have extensive trail systems to help give you safe access off the road.
Gabriola's GALTT trail system runs all over the island, watch for deer.
Nanaimo has their multi-use trail which allows you to ride from one end of Nanaimo to the other on a paved, tree lined wheelchair accessable route.

Vancouver Island is also home to
Cops For Cancer Tour de Rock
The two-week bicycle journey in which a team of police officers rides 1,000 kilometres from the north end of Vancouver Island to the south, raising money to fight childhood cancer.

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition and the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition have been working on a Vancouver Island cycle route, here's a local news media article NanaimoBulletin
More information is available from the

Gabriola Florist