How To Ride a Mid-Drive

Mid-Drives are more efficient than Hub-Motors
and give you the ability to use less power
but, if you abuse it you will break it !

#1 : Use Lower Gears & Less Power
1a : Down-Shift Before Ascending up a hill
1b : Down-Shift to Low Gear Before you come to a Stop

#2 : Start in Low Gear
2a : Briefly, Let-Up off your pedaling and/or the Throttle before you shift

#3 : A Mid-Drive gives you the ability to go up hills using a Lower Gear & Less Power
3a : Avoid the Highest Gears & Highest Power
3b : Highest ( smallest ) Gears are to be used only once you are going fast already

#4 : If you ride Up Hills using High Gear & Max Power
you will wear out your chain and sprockets prematurely
and failure of your Mid-Drive motor will be expensive.

Therefore, if you use lower gears and less power
you will overburdon your motor ...Less