David Marsden's

A long time ago, in a province far far away,
there was a little yellow farm house.

One day, a man named David Marsden, started spinning music,
the likes of which no one had ever heard before.

He hired other like-minded DJ's and they did such
an awesome job that RUSH wrote a song about them.

Times changed, the corporate music scene
has Swiftly become Bieber-ish. ... ...uugh.

And then, one day, the MarsBar resurfaced, on the WEB,
        where the corporate medlers can't tell him what to play.

... and while David curates great music from the 80's,
he also searches for the new and curious, just like
back in the heady days of CFNY, and coupled with his
LIVE shows Saturday and Sunday nights, it's no longer
JUST about the music, it's also about the experience.

Now, ... the WEB has, ... STYLE
Click it, ... Click it now -->>

... and if the CFNY experience happened to have been
a part of your life back in those days,
come into my bicycle shop and share your story with me.